Week of 8/1

Sorry this post is so late! It’s been a busy couple of days.

So, this was a rather slow week, but that doesn’t mean it was a bad week. Mom and I did a 12-hour driving day on Monday to get home at like 11 p.m. It was worth it. It’s good to be home. Tuesday I kinda laid around and Wednesday I got to go up to see my sister-in-law, niece and nephew. I love my family so it’s good to get to see them when I can. I also got to see my brother (not my sister-in-law’s husband) and bring him back to have dinner with the fam bam, so that was good.

On Thursday I tried to buckle down and do some homework and then I had class. Have I mentioned how much I hate having online class? Blergh. Good thing it’s almost done! Friday I went to the doctor for a physical (I hate needles), worked on homework (and got a large amount done) and babysat my niece and nephew. I’m also starting to think about how to structure my blog now that I’m doing less exciting things (presumably) than interning in Washington D.C. For now, we’re going to keep doing weekly updates, but it might switch to biweekly. I am going to switch obsessions to monthly obsessions/favorites because I just don’t have enough favorites to do every other week.

I am working on looking at budgets, learning about benefits and all that good “adultey” stuff. My life right now is working on graduating, soaking up my family and preparing to move out!

During the weekend we had what ended up being a giant celebration weekend. We celebrated my nephew’s birthday on Saturday afternoon/evening with some playing, pool swimming and a dinner of hot dogs, asparagus, peaches and the cake that he helped his mom make. He also got some super cool presents, complete with a plane from the Air and Space Museum from yours truly.

Then on Sunday, after church and lunch my brother and I went to HEB to get groceries to make my mom’s birthday dinner and I sampled the first wine in my life that I actually thought was good. I found out later (just now because I wanted to google it) that it’s called Prima Mazzo Moscato Gold. It’s from Italy and finally liking a wine makes me feel classy and like there’s hope for me yet.

From there my brother and I prepared my mama’s birthday dinner, complete with playing, swimming, brownies and ice cream and my signature spaghetti/bruschetta meal.

All-in-all it’s been a good week and weekend!


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