Kaitlin’s Things to do in DC

So, coming to DC I had a GIANT list of things I wanted to do and see while in DC. That included restaurants, museums and everything in between. So, I want to pass a little bit of that knowledge on to you, my dear reader.


  • Hirshhorn MuseumThe Hirshhorn Museum and easily one of my favorite things I did while in DC. It’s the modern art museum in DC and if you like modern art you won’t be disappointed. There are three different floors with one or two different exhibits in each one. In my opinion, it’s a nice size for an art gallery and you don’t get bored, (although it left me wanting more). At the cost of free, it’s definitely worth stopping by.
  • The American Indian Museum – I feel like this is definitely one of the most underrated Smithsonian Museums. It’s SO cool though. The museum is set up in a very reflective way that pays homage to traditions observed by multiple Indian nations. It also takes you past the “white man’s” impact on Native American life and shows you the traditions and ritual and history of Native American life. Oh, it’s also free.
  • United States Capitol – Be sure to contact your Congressperson ahead of time to set up this tour, but I think everyone should experience their capitol at least once. It’s a cool tour and it doesn’t take that long, also it’s free, so, do it. This is where laws are made.
  • Newseum – So the Newseum is rather pricey when most things in DC are free, but it’s definitely worth the entry fee. It’s like $16 for a normal adult. Sure it’s amazing for me as a journalist, but I think it would be pretty awesome for the average person. There’s also an amazing view of the Capitol from the balcony, so that’s cool.
  • The Holocaust Museum – HOLY GOODNESS. I was not expecting this to be as amazing as it was. The people tell you it will take around four hours, and it definitely does. Take the time to go through it and really take in everything. It’s amazing. Also, it’s free, but go online and reserve your tickets a couple days in advance just in case.
  • Honorable Mentions – Arlington National Cemetery, Supreme Court, Annapolis, National Zoo (literally just for the pandas) and the MLK Jr. Memorial

Places to eat:

  • Medium Rare – I don’t even like steak usually and I’m taking my mom BACK to Medium Rare tonight. It’s a steak and fries concept with a set menu, that includes salad, bread, and two servings of steak and fries. All of that comes out to $20, so I definitely think it’s worth it. If you’re looking to splurge, they have some amazing apple pie for just $6. It’s literally the best apple pie I’ve ever had in my life. {Eastern Market}
  • Red, White and Basil – RWB is a little far out in Adam’s Morgan, but it’s totally worth the trek. They also have a set menu where you get salad, create your own pasta and a cannoli for $16. It’s DELISH and the service/environment is awesome. I think everyone could enjoy it, but it’s a little more trendy in a trendier part of town, so look out for that. (Also, if you’re planning on going out drinking in that area there’s a pizza place across the street that has GIANT slices for $5. Check it out.) {Adam’s Morgan}
  • Alberto’s – Alberto’s is a great little mom-and-pop Italian restaurant in Eastern Market. The waiters speak in Italian to each other and the food is sooo good. It’s a little more on the pricey side, so just know that before you head out. It’s 100 percent worth it though. {Eastern Market}
  • Eat at a food truck – I don’t care which one or where. Just make sure to eat at one while in DC.

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