My Week 8/8

So, this week was pretty slow (but good), however, keep reading until the end. I promise it gets good.

Much of the beginning of this week was spent pushing as hard as I possibly could until the end of the “semester.” We had stuff to finish for out group project for technical writing and then had to present that project. I also had a final in that class and a seven-page final paper in my fiction class. While it felt like quite a bit at the last minute, I did it!

My mom and I also got to have a girls day on Wednesday and work up at her school on Thursday, which was fantastic. I love hanging out with my mama.

My brother and I stopped at the wildlife safari park in Franklin, Tx.

Then, Friday we went up to Lubbock for…graduation! I told you it got good. 🙂 My middle brother and I drove up together and then my mom and dad were in another car and my brother and sister-in-law and their kids in another one. It was great to be able to spend that time with my brother. We’re pretty close and I miss him a bunch when I’m gone. Also, while driving I got my algebra final grade back and I PASSED. That was definitely a good feeling, especially because I wasn’t 100 percent sure how it was going to turn out.

Friday night I got to go to Applebees (our late-night spot) with my friends and just hang out and talk and be with them. They gave me a picture frame they made with a bunch of different memories we made together on it. It’s amazing and I definitely did a little bit of crying.

Then, Saturday was the big day. We had a relaxing morning doing breakfast and then swimming a little before I had to be up at the school. Guess what…?


I did it! I really graduated!

IMG_2095It’s definitely a surreal feeling know I am now an alum of Texas Tech University. I did a good job holding the tears during the ceremony, but the one part that almost got me is when I thought about the fact that being an alum means I’m not longer a student. obviously I knew that and I can’t explain why it made me feel the way it did, but I recovered well. 😉 From there I got to take pictures with my amazing friends who came to graduation to support me and then the fam went to Chuys per my request.

Chuys was fantastic (duh) and I tried the best drink I’ve ever had in my life. After dinner, we went back to Tech to take some family pictures and some individuals of me. My sister-in-law is SO sweet and was willing to take some pictures of me all over campus. We opened some presents back at the bed and breakfast. My brother, sister-in-law, niece and nephew crafted me some ADORABLE AND PERFECT decor for my apartment, put together a collage of photos of my niece and nephew that I’m so excited about and gave me a PINK toolbox, which I think is pretty great. Everyone was so thoughtful all weekend and really tried to make my weekend great, which was so sweet.

My brother and I stopped at the wildlife safari park in Franklin, Tx.


Later that night I went over to my grandbig’s house to hang out with her and some of my other friends. It was definitely bittersweet but was a good night.

One of my favorite moments was the next morning, when two of my very best friends came over before I left. They brought with them a treasure chest filled with open when letters that they and another one of my friends had made for me just in case something happens when I’m gone and no one can get to their phone. I’m going to miss them so very much. I can’t even put the amount I will miss them into words…

Then my brother and I drove home, ready for the big week ahead!


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