Weekend Coffee Share – 8/21

I am so excited to be starting these “If we were having coffee” posts instead of my weekly updates. I think they serve as a great transition into this new period of life where I will have stuff to say, just maybe not a daily chronicle.

If we were having coffee we would be drinking white mochas from Essencia in downtown Yakima. I had breakfast there while I was in town for my interview and for the girl who doesn’t like coffee, this stuff is amazing. I’ve been dreaming about it every day since I got home.

If we were having coffee I would tell you I went to Washington state this past week for a job interview. I LOVED the team and the town, so now I’m just waiting to hear back. Yakima is such a great city/town with a lot of diverse issues as a result of the diversity of people in the area, which I think is awesome. The climate is also beautifully arid, something I found a love of while in Lubbock. I’m waiting to hear back from the interview and should know by tomorrow!

If we were having coffee I would tell you I’m really missing my friends in Lubbock while everyone is moving in this weekend. Also, I’m wishing I was gearing up for recruitment like the rest of my sisters. Miller Girls was such a HUGE part of my college experience and it’s sad for me to let it go.

If we were having coffee I’d tell you my ex contacted me last night and he wants to see me. This is the boy I will always love with all of my heart, but also the boy who has ripped my heart into shreds more times than I can count. I told him that if he can be good to me for a week, then I’ll see him at the end of it. I need him to at least start proving to me he’s trying to take steps to change his life. It’s hard for me though. It’s hard to not just fall back into old patterns and let him call me all the old names he used to and tell me he loves me and all that jazz.

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(All of the super awesome graduation pictures were taken by my beautiful and supremely talented (and also one of my favorite people in the world) sister-in-law.

How was your week?


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