Things to be Excited for (Part 3)

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Staring out into the future abyss doesn’t have to be terrifying.

So, remember how much I enjoyed doing the last two? Well, I’m doing another one. Making these posts allows me to look ahead, past my to-do list, and realize all the fun and exciting things I have ahead of me in this new life change, instead of everything I’m nervous about and all the giant changes I’m making. So, without further ado, here’s part three of my things to be excited for.

I get to own a couch: There are a lot of things about living in my own space that I have romanticized. One of them is being able to lay around on the couch. I don’t have to lay around on my bed and feel like I need to be sleeping and I don’t have to make tough (I know, first-world problems) decisions about how much light whatever I’m doing on my bed requires. I can curl up and read a good book on the couch or watch TV when I get one or whatever. I’m just excited about that.

I can go to garage sales and actually buy the furniture: Something you probably don’t know about me: I LOVE furniture. Usually it’s obscenely expensive and that helps curb my desire to buy all the furniture I see, except for at garage sales. At garage sales you can get a cute table for $20 bucks or something totally affordable and that’s hard for me to say no to. I’ve always either had furnished apartments or lived in a dorm or lived in my parent’s house, so even if I was able to buy said furniture I wouldn’t have had a place to put it. Now not only will I get to consider buying this furniture but if I decide to go for gold and bring it home I’ll have a place to put it.

I can figure out the best financial situation for me: I’ve never had enough of an income to put much thought into a budget or how to pay bills etc. (something my mom probably wishes I had put more thought into). Now I’ll have a real income and I get to make decisions about and figure out what works for me. That’s awesome!

I get to experience seasons: I’m a little nervous about the amount of snow I may be dealing with, but other than that this is so exciting for me. Houston doesn’t have much in the seasons department and while Lubbock does, it still doesn’t have the rounded four. I’m about to move to a part of the US that does and that’s super exciting for me.

I have visits already on the books: I have a trip back to school for alumni weekend scheduled and my mom is already starting to talk about whether she wants to come see me on Thanksgiving or Christmas and both of those make my heart so happy. I was dealing with some separation issues earlier this week, so this is making all of that a whole lot easier.

There are so many more things to be excited for like going to my new church that I’m super stoked about, possibly finding myself in a relationship (not at the top of my to-do list but finally a possibility for the more pragmatic side of me), the opportunity to hike a bunch and really just explore what it’s like to walk to the beat of MY drum.

What’s your favorite thing about being on your own?



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