The Truth About Moving Somewhere New Alone

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I have been DYING to share this post with y’all because I didn’t want to share until I was in my new apartment in my new city. Surprise! I’m here! Moving here was so much fun, but I can’t say it was easy.

In the days leading up to knowing I got the job I went from coming home from my interview SO stoked because I loved the city and everyone in the newsroom, to being optomistic about getting the job, to thinking I wasn’t going to get it so I needed to start looking at possibilities closer to home, to being completley heartbroken because I was leaving my mama, back to being totally excited and everything in between.

It’s completley normal to have a million feelings leading up to the move and definitely okay to shed more than a couple tears. Change is hard, and the only way to get better at dealing with it is to keep experiencing change and handling it better and better.

Fast forward to now, I’m sitting on my brand-new mattress in my brand-new apartment and I’m so excited. Sure I miss my mama and dad and all of the rest of my family and friends, but I’m also a part of this giant new adventure and learning how to stretch myself as a person.

In my interview my interviewer asked me how my parents are dealing with the fact that I want to move thousands of miles from home. My response? “Well, I don’t really know. I feel like as long as I can remember I have known I was going to move away and so I didn’t really give them a chance to be upset about it.” Now obviously my parents can do whatever they want, but I hadn’t given myself a second to think about why all this change would be a big deal. Take a second to stop and think about it, but don’t let that keep you from moving and following your dreams.

So, here’s the article I wanted to share. It’s amazing and I hope you read all of it and it inspires you to whatever change you need in your life.


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