Giveaway Time!


Guess what? It’s time for my first giveaway! While I have been busy working and having some issues keeping up (I’m still doing okay, okay?), I wanted to start trying to do some giveaways to give back to y’all (and to shamelessly build my followers).

Soooo, I am a part of something called Influenster, totally check it out and sign up, where you get free samples of things and then leave reviews! I just got a new box, and it’s fantastic, however, it has pods of coffee and I don’t have a way to make them.


So, without further ado, I’d like to give them to you!

Who: You of course!
What: A giveaway of Kauai Coffee, Hills Bros and Chock Full o’Nuts coffee pods as well as a coffee mug! The coffee mug isn’t picture because it’s not all that special, I just thought I should include a mug too. Ha.
When: Today until Oct. 5!
Where: Uhhh the Internet?
Why: Because I love y’all and I want to give back!
How: The most important part! Share this post and then follow me if you’re not already. ****PLEASE comment and tell me you shared!**** I’ll put all these names in a hat and draw the lucky winner. Woo! Go team!

I can’t wait to see y’all participate (yes that means you) and send something out to one lucky blogger!



2 thoughts on “Giveaway Time!

    1. I promise you weren’t the only one who commented, the others just sent me their stuff via the contact page. Either way, you won! Contact me (via the contact page ha) and tell me where you want them sent. Thanks for playing and reading! 😀

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