1o Things People Don’t Tell you About Being an Adult


So, I saw this post the other day about 12 things no one tells you about being an adult. They were all awful things and things that I people had, in fact, told me. That made me realize that a lot of what I was told about being an adult was negative and I think that contributed to some of my MASSIVE fears about postgrad life.

So, here are my 10 things people don’t tell you about being an adult (positive edition).

  1. The feeling after paying your first couple bills – I’m sure this feeling will wear off after a while, but all the bills I paid this month were exciting. It was more exciting than whatever random stuff I could have spent the money on instead. LOOK AT ME ADULTING.
  2. You get to have awesome life revelations – Every new life phase comes with its own life lessons. If you just stayed where you were comfortable you would never learn anything new because you’ve already learned everything there is to learn about whatever age you want to stay at.
  3. All the decorating – Your first apartment/house/whatever and everyone after it can be decorated however you want it to be. If that means painting your whole house hot pink, do it.
  4. Taking a moment to smell the roses – Now this may sound morbid, but after you hit all your big “checkpoints” you don’t have a whole lot of big things left to look forward to. That’s the beauty of it, though. You now get to spend every day focusing on the magic of just living. Living is pretty fantastic y’all.
  5. Finding what you want to do with your life – Now, I know not everyone will be as lucky as I was and find their perfect first job, however, you’re finally in the position that you can actually do something about it. Life up to this point was all dreaming and planning and figuring out what you want to do. You now finally get to put pen to paper and do exactly what you always thought you wanted to do.
  6. Everyone is super excited to visit – So, I’m going back to my school for homecoming weekend, my parents are visiting for Thanksgiving and I’m going home for Christmas and people are already SO stoked about those visits. Going out on your own means everyone is pumped to see you even though their lives keep going too.
  7. Having a new relationship with your parents – Now, this one honestly probably should be closer to the top but all of this is in no particular order. Growing up means a new relationship with your parents. They’re no longer in charge of parenting you but they still love you as much as they ever have (if not more because you’re not always hitting them up for money). I have gotten to know both my mom and dad SO much better in the last couple years and I am so thankful and so close to both of them. That’s such a blessing.
  8. You really get to “find” yourself – I know that’s so cliche. They say you’re supposed to find yourself but I beg to differ. In college, at least for me, while I lived 10 hours away from my parents, I was still terrified to disappoint them, whether that be in grades or student orgs or whatever. Now I’m on my own and every consequence comes back on me. I get to decide what I want to do and who I want to be based on the consequences I want to deal with. I think that’s super cool.
  9. Things that you buy yourself and gifts take on a new importance – I hate saying this because I feel like it sounds so disrespectful, but things you buy yourself or things that are gifts almost feel so much more valuable than things that I was bought because I needed it growing up. I have this $10 lamp that I bought with my own money but it’s the most perfect lamp and I am in love with it. I would be SO upset if it disappeared or something happened to it. I think a lot of that has to do with the fact that I bought it with my own money. Also, you remember me crying about having to wait a couple days to pick up the care package from my mom because I didn’t want it to feel lonely? Exactly.
  10. Walking around in no pants – Enough said.

There are so many things I could list about how great it is being an adult, and this is coming from the girl who was dragging her feet so much leading up to graduation she felt like a donkey in a cartoon. Even though I miss my mama daily and have a hard time singing the Matador Song, I’m LOVING being an adult and you should too!

Why do YOU like adulting?


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