Trying to be a minimalist


I love people. I love making them happy and doing whatever I can for them.

That’s not always good for me.

This sounds like I’m trying to make myself sound amazing, but there are some people in my life that I let walk all over me because I want to make them happy and do what I can because I care about them.

I hate that part of me.

I love that I love people but I hate that I let them hurt me.

In my new world and new life I don’t have time for that. I know almost no one here, so why in the world should I be spending time thinking about, talking to or texting people who make me miserable?

These people don’t even live here, so why do I care?

Guess what? A couple days, I deleted those people.

I know that sounds dumb because the Internet is not my life, but when the only time I see certain people is on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat (I know, I have too much social media) unfollowing them on Twitter is as good as deleting them – especially when they would NEVER reach out to see how I’m doing personally.

Then I had another realization while reading a post about minimalism.

Minimalism is about getting rid of things that don’t bring you joy. It’s not about getting rid of stuff that makes you actively upset, but getting rid of things that don’t explicitly bring you joy.

One of my cousins has an awesome dating philosophy (excuse the language). If someone isn’t a **** yes, then let them go. It’s not if someone isn’t a no keep them around, it’s if someone isn’t a 100 percent, repeated, amazing, YES said with conviction, then say goodbye.

Also, you can change your yesses at any moment.

So, today I looked at people on my social media that way. I feel pretty crappy today and have for several days. I feel pretty empty and pretty lonely and I’m trying to do little things to bring me joy. So… why hold on to things that don’t?

So, today I “deleted” everyone that doesn’t bring me joy. That doesn’t mean I deleted those who make me unhappy, but I deleted everyone that doesn’t bring me joy (period). End of story.

It’s freeing and it’s exciting. It’s amazing to know I am taking one step to only having people in my life that make me happy. That doesn’t mean we can’t fight, that doesn’t mean I’m not there for people who have been less than great to me.

It just means that I don’t have to have anything in my life that doesn’t bring me joy. It’s an amazing feeling.


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