A Pet Peeve


When I was interning in DC people would ask me when I was going to graduate. After I would tell them some variation of within the next three months they would immediately ask something along the lines of if I’m going to get married right after. Some people (who I didn’t even know) would have the audacity to ask where I was getting married, because apparently I can’t graduate and have a life of my own.

After I moved out here I’ve had the opportunity to meet a whole lot of new people. After telling them I moved halfway across the United States they asked if I moved with my husband or my boyfriend. Even a friend of Β mine (who isn’t all that up-to-date with my life) asked if a boy moved with me

Because apparently I can’t be a strong independent woman and do things by myself.

I know people have the best intentions and that’s probably not what they mean at all, but that’s how it sounds to me. It feels like the world thinks that as a woman I can’t possibly move to a new place, do new things and be successful by myself.

Well, guess what? I did and I’m doing it. And you know what? With the way things are going and the choices I’m making for myself I’m going to be succeeding as a strong independent woman for quite a while and everyone can just get over it.

So, with that said, don’t let anyone tell you, you can’t do something for whatever reason. Don’t feel chained to one place or time simply because you don’t have your male chaperone to follow you around. If something seems scary but you want it? Go for it. You’ll never look back.



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