Here’s to 100

Ahhh! I have finally hit 100 followers! Over the course of my blog I have tried really hard to not sacrifice myself or live my life in such a way just to gain followers. That doesn’t mean I don’t love my followers and all the awesome conversations we have.

Followers have come and gone (as I’ve come and gone from reading others’ blogs) but every single one of y’all mean the world to me.

So, from me to you, thank you!

Dear followers,
Thank you for embarking on this crazy thing called life with me. Thanks for putting up with my man rants and politics annoyance and the insecurities I felt facing graduation and getting a new job. Thanks for loving my pics from Savannah and DC and everyday life in the middle. Even if we don’t talk much, I love talking to you and feeling like maybe my navigation of my life will shed a little bit of light onto what you’re going through. I love feeling like I have someone to talk to when things are hard or awesome and fantastic. I love feeling like I might be changing one moment of someone else’s life because my insight into my own world. That’s what I want to be doing with my blog.
So, where to from here? I want to keep blogging and keep getting more! I’m settled into a new job and have found time to blog in the middle of it, so I think with a couple exceptions we’re home free and I’ll be able to find more time to do it!
I’d like to continue adding more sections as time goes on and find someone to do a blog swap with (let me know if you’re interested). I’d like to continue to touch lives and share mine with you!

With all that said, here’s a look back on some of the photos we’ve seen!

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