Funding reputable journalists

Photo credit: The New York Times

I’ve been reading a lot of these “twenty things you can do when everything is horrible” post-election posts lately. Sometimes they seem super melodramatic and sometimes I think they’re 100 percent justified. I think they just help me find ideas of great things to do to feel better at ANY time.

One thing I’ve seen on some of them, though, is “funding reputable journalists” and that makes my day.

One of my biggest fears associated with a new president is his feelings toward “the media.” The First Amendment is my favorite and I don’t want to see anything happen to it. I may be a wee bit bias, but I think journalists provide such a valuable service and really do act as a fourth, unassociated branch of the government.

You know how much fake news you’ve seen recently? Imagine if that’s all you got. Every day you got “news” telling you insane “facts” that aren’t close to fact at all. How different are we from dictatorial regimes like North Korea if that’s the news we’re getting?

However, contrary to popular belief, journalism takes money. You have to pay journalists. You have to pay for the equipment used. You have to pay for quite a few things that go into putting news up on a website or putting out a paper each day.

So fund those journalists.

This doesn’t even have to be in the form of a donation. Sign up for a subscription to The Washington Post or The New York Times. Once you finish reading your free articles for the month, don’t find a work around, just pay for it. $4 or something minuscule is a small price to pay for the amount it costs to employ the number of people that work for The Washington Post each day.

Want to take it a step further?

There are some AMAZING causes that will take your donations.

Check out the Society of Professional Journalists, The Fund for Investigative Journalism or an organization like Mother Jones that does nonprofit journalism.

Specifically like environmental journalism? You can find a fund for that. What to bring up a new generation of journalists? There’s a fund for that. Like storytelling more than you like investigative pieces? There’s a fund for that.

$5 is enough. $1 is enough. Subscribing to a newspaper is enough.

Help journalism. Help yourself.


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