The difference between honesty and complaining


I had a hard day at work today. Honestly? As I’m learning and trying to get better and trying to learn how to be an adult, quite a few of my days are hard. I don’t tell many people that, though. I say the job is going great and I love it and it’s exactly what I want to be doing.

That hasn’t changed. I still love this town and love this job.

It’s hard, though. I’m learning how to do this job in the real world when everything else up to this point has just been teaching. I have evaluations and progress sheets that are filled out about me.

This is the real deal.

Someone pays me to do this every day.

It’s hard to make that sink in.

With that said, it’s hard to not feel like I’m letting people down and it’s even harder when I know that I am.

Where’s the line in all of that for the things I should talk about with people and just keep to myself? Tonight my mom asked how my day was and I definitely thought about just saying it was great and only telling her the highlights and moving on.

Is that what I should be doing? Is that lying? Should I be brutally honest about things or overly optimistic?

Who knows.

What do you think? How much sharing is too much?


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