Let’s talk about it


All I want is some damn conversation (sorry if that word offends you. I needed it here, though).

If we’re being far I might even be willing to say I want some friendly, respectful debate. BUT I WANT SOME CONVERSATION.

I am so tired of being shut down about this election. I have my own thoughts and beliefs but I just want to be able to understand but I can’t do that if I’m not allowed to talk about something and have conversations and ask questions.

It feels like any conversation I’ve tried to have, anyone backs out when things get hard.

Here is a conversation I had with someone today (my sarcastic comment only stemmed from a previous one, but it still probably didn’t help the situation).

Me: Well, at least you’re not Muslim and won’t have to know what it feels like to be on some sort of registry.
Person 1: Better than having Sharia Law come to this country.
Me: What are you even talking about?
Person 1: Our current president wanted to let all religions come in, even the ones who want to kill us.
Me: You do realize most Muslims don’t consider suicide bombers “Muslim.” If someone was killing black people because Jesus Christ told him to, would you consider him the same type of Christian as you?
Person 2: Well, our current president just feels the need to apologize to everyone and welcome everyone into this country.
Me: Isn’t welcoming all different types of people and religions into this country what it’s all about?
Person 2: I don’t want to have this conversation with you.

I just don’t get it. I know we all have our political beliefs and we all voted the way we did. I don’t think every Trump supporter is a racist and a bigot just like I don’t agree with all of the things my candidate believes in.

I just want to be able to talk about it. Did they vote in fear? Why was one candidate so awful that their votes were against her? Do we really have so many people in this nation that hopes to kick others out?

I just want to understand. I just want to talk.


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