November Goals Update


It’s the end of November, so I guess that means it’s time for an update on the goals I had this month! Honestly? My goals this month went terribly. I think I just tried to go too big. A lot of these need to be worked on a little at a time and that’s really what I failed to do. So I’m going to go ahead and post these here even though I didn’t complete any (mostly to hold myself accountable) and then try some more realistic things for December.

101 in 1001 Go a month without fast food

101 in 1001 Go a month only spending money on groceries and bills/take a no spending challenge for a week

101 in 1001 Find a church I like in my new townย 

101 in 1001 Work out three times a week for a whole monthย 

How’d you do on your goals this month?


One thought on “November Goals Update

  1. Very ambitious goals. I applaud you and encourage you to keep going. You may want to choose just one. I have learned that often making one change is successful for me. It’s great that you are working toward your goals. ๐Ÿ˜Š


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