December Goals


Happy December! Welcome to the month of snow and Santa Claus and the celebration of Jesus’s birth and a whole lot of great things! I am looking forward to my first December in a land where it should snow (I mean I guess Lubbock counts, but it snows way more here).

So, either way, here are my goals for this month. You may notice that they’re very similar to November’s goals! I just decided I need to make things more manageable this month, so that’s what I’m going to try to do here!

Take a no spending challenge for the week of Dec. 4-10 – So, it’s really hard for me to not spend money. Last month I decided to try to take part in no-spend November and honestly really just crashed and burned. I’ve never done a spending challenge like that before OR curbed my spending really ever, so trying to go for gold in the month of black Friday and trying to find Christmas presents for the fambam was not all that smart. So, instead I’m going to try a week in December. It’s a random week, not payday and after I anticipate having all of my holiday shopping done. Wish me luck!

Find a church I like in my new town – This is a carry over from last month. I don’t know if you’ve ever tried to find a new church but it’s HARD. I found one I might like, but I’m going to have to go back a couple times to be sure. Wish me luck. My soul needs to find a family.

Jump rope every day for the month – Blergh. I hate that this was so bad last month. (Well, working out three times a week was hard last month). Honestly, I’m not in shape and so going to the gym is HARD. On top of that I don’t feel all that safe walking around my neighborhood after dark, so that nixes the whole “just get out and walk.” So, I bought a jump rope. I’m going to jump rope for at least one song this whole month.

Go hiking at least once – It’s finally cold enough that I feel like I won’t run into a rattlesnake, so, I’m going to make sure I go at least once! I always forget how much I LOVE hiking, so I feel like I need to force myself to go more often and remind myself how much I love it.

Find inspiration in my work – I’m feeling really down about myself in terms of work. One of my coworkers calls it imposter syndrome. I really need to get down to business and get better, so this is a goal for this month. I want to come out the other side where I need to be in terms of progress and output.

I think these goals seem more manageable for this month. What about you? What are your goals?


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