How thankful I am for my mother

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My best friend took a picture of my mama and I hugging at graduation πŸ™‚

Tonight my mama called me after spending the whole week visiting “because she wanted to hear my voice.” I assume it was right before going to bed and she wanted to say good night. Instead, she got like an hour of my insecurities and ranting and raving about my current situation.

She listened happily, then offered me some phenomenal solutions that are 100 percent relevant to everything I’m feeling.

My mom was born and raised in Southern Illinois. She’s a phenomenal teacher, wife, mother and friend. She’s a God-fearing, graceful, humble, loving woman.

I was born and raised in Houston, Texas. I don’t have the patience to be a teacher, I have trouble finding a man because I don’t want to care about anyone that much, I don’t want to have children because I am too selfish and sometimes I feel like I take more than I give in most of my friendships. I joke that my middle name is grace because there’s none of it inside of me, I toot my own horn often and I definitely find it hard to love everyone.

Long story short, my mom and I are vastly different. I decided to study something and am passionate about things my mom is not and vice versa. In the 21 years I’ve been alive, though, she has taken it upon herself to learn about everything I’m interested in.

She now knows so much about color guard, journalism, playing the oboe, the Middle East, etc. and I think that’s just phenomenal.

Because of that, tonight when I was having a freak out about not being successful and never making anything of myself, she was able to give me solutions and answering my concerns with solutions that are 100 percent relevant.

You know how you see people see on movies, “You’re my mom. Of course you have to say I’m great.”

It’s hard to use that excuse when your mom gives you reasons that 100 percent make sense in the context.

My mom is amazing. She listens to me cry and yell and freak out about everything and then calms me down with a few words. She’s always there to pick me up when/if I fall and centers me when I think everything is the end of the world. She shows me strength in ways I never could have imagined and models for me every day how you can be both humble and confident.

I am so thankful for my mom and without her I don’t think I’d be anywhere near the woman I am today.


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