Sorry honey, you must be mistaken


So, as I gotten older I’ve gotten WAY more feminist. I think it’s because I’ve seen all the things I can do on my own (like kill spiders) and how much I don’t NEED a man. I’d like to have a man partner to do life with, but I won’t die without one.

I’m a 21st-century woman and I will admit that I’m totally on a dating website (or a couple). I mean honestly? Who’s not. So, I’m on this website and match with a guy and he’s a total sweetie and I’m low-key interested. He asks for my number and I assume he’s going to text me maybe in the next hour or so.

He doesn’t.

He doesn’t text me (or message me) for like a week.

So I messaged him back and said “ooooor not.”

His reply: “We need to get something straight. I’m not going to text you all the time. I will talk to you when it fits into my schedule.”


Since when did I say I’m supposed to fit into your time schedule? When did I say I’m here to please  you or make your life better? When did I say I don’t get any say in anything.

It’s a week, yo, just say you’re not interested.

So, what did I say?

“Oh honey, I’m not one of those girls who lives in a world where I’m expected to fit into anyone’s life when it’s convenient. The only thing we need to get straight is that I’m going to go do me and you can just…go.”

So then he unmatched me and I don’t even care (I just want to share this because I feel like the

Now some people might say I’m clingy and I don’t have the right to say things like this or even be annoyed if we hadn’t even gotten to the texting stage and I think that’s dumb. We talked, we flirted, he expressed interest and then nothing. So I got sassy with him, I wasn’t even a jerk and I think that was totally warranted and okay.

What is NOT okay is his response and his assumptions that I was going to be like a pet – there to entertain him but not bothering him when he has no interest.

That’s crap and I know I’m worth more than that and so are you!


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