Another year of blogging


Hello! Happy Holidays and almost New Year! While I plan on doing a wrap up of things that happened to me/I did in 2016, I also want to do a wrap up for my year in the blog.

I had some issues in the early part of the year getting fired up to write because I was so busy, however, after I went to D.C. I have been doing pretty well (if I do say so myself) keeping up with everything.

Blogging is so good for me. It allows me to look back on specific aspects of my life and also be a part of community with all of you! So, thank you SO much for reading and here’s to spending 2017 together!

Without further ado, here’s my 2016 in blogging by-the-numbers:

Views: 2,698
Visitors: 1,102
Likes: 205
Comments: 98
Top three posts (aside from the home page and my about me):
1.Β An Open Letter to my High School Crush – 53
2.Β 101 in 1001 – 43
3.Β Here’s to Honesty – 33
Top three countries:
1. United States – 2,352
2. Canada – 91
3. United Kingdom – 45
Top three referrers:
1. Facebook
2. WordPress
3. Twitter

So, happy year! Thank you for letting me blog to you and for reading and staying with me. All of my followers mean so much to me because we’re all a part of this crazy journey together.

Here’s to you!

Is there anything you’d like to see come or go in the New Year? Any suggestions on how to make my blog better?



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