Christmas/New Years weekly update

It’s funny that I call this a weekly update still, because it’s anything but weekly. Sorry about that. I’m getting better at blogging other stuff and scheduling it so you’re never without content, but posts that require me to sit down and write at a specific time are harder… especially when I’m traveling at this time.

So, I went home for New Year’s Eve and celebrated Christmas! It was honestly phenomenal.

It was hard at first, though. Ha.

When I first landed in Lubbock when I went back for alumni weekend I started to cry. There’s just something about being back on Texas soil again. I had the same feeling in Houston this time.

I greeted my mom and dad with, “How ’bout I just quit my job and come back here and we can pay someone to pack up and move all my stuff and I’ll find someone to nanny for until I find a real job and then I just don’t have to move.”

While I wasn’t being serious, if they had said okay I definitely would have had a decision to make.

My editor told me she wouldn’t be surprised if sometimes I questioned my decision to move so far. Moving 2,000 miles away from everything I know and love to a place that’s cold, often lonely and has weird food is hard. It’s to be expected. On top of that I’m only 21 and I made this huge life change. Not to toot my own horn, but that’s hard and it’s a big deal!

So, I definitely didn’t want to leave but I crammed everything I possibly could into the short time I was there.

The first night I hung out with my fam for a wee bit and then met my best friend on her way to the airport. See, she’s from a small town in Texas but her sister lives in Lake Jackson, which is about an hour from my house. She had been visiting her sister and was in Houston quite literally for like five hours before flying out to Chicago to go meet her boyfriend’s family. Talk about perfect timing.

So I met them, took her and we went to have Cane’s (my first “Texas” meal) before taking her to the airport.

So, I have these two best friends and we all have very distinct personalities. I’m definitely the lovey one. I know the two of them love me, but they don’t actually say that. They just show me in their actions. However, at one point my friend turned to me and she said,”I miss this, us hanging out and just talking.”


I miss it too, so it was great to be around her even if just for a hot second.

So the next morning I got to babysit my perfect niece and nephew. I love those kids so much and I hate feeling like they think I abandoned them, so it’s good for me to have some one-on-one time while I’m home. Then I went home and baked Christmas cookies with my mama!

I absolutely love spending time with her.

We celebrated Christmas on Saturday and I got two really special presents. While my parents were here for Thanksgiving they bought me some furniture because they thought it would be a more “parentey” Christmas present, so I wasn’t expecting anything, but my mama made me a recipe book of recipes from her, my aunt and grandma all in their handwriting and an afghan. Ugh. So special. So many tears. I also got a set of gold measuring cups and spoons and a gold necklace tree. WOOOO. Somehow my sister-in-law knows just what I want/need.

That night was when I saw Artie, too. It was perfection and we’re together now and that’s all I’m going to saw about that. 😉

The next morning was church and it was good to see all of the people I love at my home church. We also got to have MEXICAN FOOD which made me so happy. Washington Mexican food just can’t stand up to Texmex. I also got to see my niece and nephew again and take my dad to a movie!

Then I went with my little (love her) to get a new tattoo and hang out for a bit. So good to see her too.

Monday was filled with a hot bath, a nap during a thunderstorm, more Mexican food, this time in the form of Chuy’s. Love that, a visit to the Halfprice books in Houston and then a flight back to Yakima.

Ah. Packed weekend and I loved every second of it.

It’s been a pretty great week back in Yakima too. My anxiety is MUCH better, something I can only credit to time with family and a smaller amount of caffeine (shoutout to me).

This weekend I plan to relax and do all the things I can’t/don’t do during the week: clean, burn candles, sleep in, take a bath and use a face mask, unpack, do laundry, cook, go to the grocery store… you get it.

How was your week!



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