I want to travel more


While I was dating (look for a post soon about why I’m no longer dating) men would ask me if I liked to travel. I would always say yes, but I don’t have the money to do it as much as I want.

Why don’t I have the money though? I make the same salary(ish) as someone with a husband and kids and it’s just me! I don’t even pay for all of my bills yet. (Soon, I promise).

I don’t have the money because I say I’m going to travel when I have the money but then I don’t plan for it. I just hope that magically on one paycheck I’m going to have enough left over to take a trip.

That’s dumb.

If we’re being real honest I don’t even know how to plan for a trip, so that’s fun. Ha.

So, I’m going to start saving money for my first solo travel of this new stage in my life because I do love it, now I just need to make sure I have the money.

Be looking for my top five destinations I want to go. Keep in mind these aren’t the first five. While I’m ready to save up money for traveling I’m not ready to save up to go out of the country just yet.

How do you plan for weekend trips? What’s your favorite weekend trip you’ve ever taken?


2 thoughts on “I want to travel more

  1. Living in Canada, Banff is one of my favourite weekend trips. It’s a 13 hour drive for me, but it’s gorgeous and the day of driving there (and another back) is totally worth it for the view and peace! I’m excited to hear your top five! Cheers 🙂

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