A culmination to the stress


So, I promised a post explaining why I’m not dating anymore.

Well, it’s because I’m not single anymore!

While I was home I saw the boyfriend and it was so totally the right decision. I was SO nervous before. Like, such a mess. I think I cried like four times to my mom that one day because I was terrified. I didn’t want him to think I wasn’t pretty anymore, I didn’t want him to be just trying to get some and I didn’t want us to leave each other without having a situation.

It turns out all my fears were stupid. I was SO tense at first but then as we kept talking it all melted away. He’s the same man I fell in love with and it seems like he thinks I’m the same too (except he said I’ve gotten prettier. Ha.

We’re still not moving to each other’s town but I think that’s good because neither of us are trying to anymore. We’re good working on our things separate but being in a long distance relationship.

Trying to make him talk about feelings was definitely like pulling teeth but it was perfect and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I’m keeping the rest of our time together in my head and not out to the world yet because I want it as my own memory for now, but know everything is betting in paradise πŸ™‚


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