Top five places on my list to travel to

So, I LOVE to travel. However, my whole life (it’s funny I say that because it’s not like I’ve been in a place I could travel alone for much of it) I haven’t really done it much. Sure I’ve gone to my grandma’s house or a family reunion or even going back to school, but no fun trips just for the sake of taking them.

This year? That changes.

I always say I don’t have the money to travel when in reality, I don’t have the money because I’ve been hoping it will just fall into my lap. Guess what? It totally won’t. That doesn’t mean I can’t save up something like three paychecks and have enough money to go somewhere, though.

I will now begin to travel. I will save the money I need and just go. If that means staying at an Air Bnb (or even a hostel) instead of a hotel, I’ll do it. If that means not eating out a couple nights to have enough money to eat out in a new city, I’ll do it. If that means not buying a TV to have the gas money to drive wherever, I’ll do it.

I’m not saying I’m going to totally give up all of the comforts I so enjoy spending money, but I am going to try to prioritize traveling.

So, here’s is a list of my top five future travel destinations. While my first destination will be Portland (unless you count Seattle. It’s so close that I don’t really but I probably should. I’m going there this next weekend) here are the top five I want to go to (in no particular order).

C46-1423420 - © - Alvaro Leiva


So this is kind of on the list of things I may want to do on my honeymoon. The boyfriend is Kenyan and Zanzibar is kind of close, so I thought it could be someplace to visit together. The Internet says the beaches are gorgeous (I mean look at them) but it’s relatively cheap! It’s also generally undiscovered by tourists so you actually get to experience some of the culture of the locals instead of a tourist generation.



So, Portland is on the list. It’s close to where I currently live and it definitely seems like a cool place to go. Despite REALLY wanting to go, I know very little about Portland so I want to experience the scene: eat some local food, do some local stuff, you know. I think I need to do some more research first, huh. Ha.



Ahhh! Prague! A friend (she’s more of someone I knew in high school but oh well) of mine currently teaches in Prague and seeing all of her pictures make me want to go. It seems like a perfect but beautiful eastern European town and I just want to experience it!



Fun fact: Cordoba is a Spanish town with HUGE Islamic influences. Please tell me that’s not cool. We learned about it in my Arabic class and I’ve wanted to go since then. While I absolutely want to visit real middle-eastern places, I think being able to see how cultures influence each other in such an obvious way is awesome.



Ah, my beautiful Philly. So, if you don’t know me, Philly is one of my favorite towns. Like it could almost rival my love of Houston. While I was there I decided I wanted to go back every chance I got, which has been none so far. Sad, I know. It is just the perfect combination of south and north (which is funny because it’s totally north) but I love how people aren’t quite New Yorkers but they’re definitely not southerners either. Ah. Love it. Also, my absolute favorite Thai restaurant is in Philly and I’ve been craving it for like a year now. The Mummer’s Parade is also on my bucket list so I have to go for that. 🙂


What places are on your list of places to visit?



6 thoughts on “Top five places on my list to travel to

  1. Disney World and California. And exploring Florida outside of Disney World too. Vancouver. Actually spending time in Montreal, because I’ve been there just as a rest stop. I live in Canada and I have only ever traveled to Quebec City and a small town called Guelph, and Ottawa, our capital (quiet and boring city, though).


  2. Zanzibar looks amazing! I’d love to do some of the scenic states – Colarado, Montana etc! I’d also love to go to Canada and some places closer to home like Croatia, Italy, Austria 🙂 Always good to have things to work towards!

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