Weekly update 1/17

Ugh, last week was so good but SO hard. Fun fact about me: I love working hard. I am happiest when I can just dig in and buckle down and last week was really that. I got to work on two huge, research-intensive articles, which was honestly so great. It was hard, but great.

Then, this weekend I had Monday off so I went to Seattle to spend the weekend having a Gilmore Girls marathon with my Seattle family, so that was honestly so great.

There was a moment sitting on their couch just listening to the sound of the water from the fish tank that I just felt so relaxed and comforted. It’s hard for me to be away from my immediate family, and I feel like I spend way too much time lamenting that. However, when I live in the moment and really let myself be sucked into the love around me – be it my extended family or just friends that speak to my heart – it’s great and almost as restorative as being around my mom and dad. (Sorry, nothing is as good as being around my mom and dad) :).

So this week is going to be a true test of my spending and although it won’t be exactly a week, if I can do it I’m going to check off my not spending for a week goal. I want to go to the women’s march in Seattle this weekend, but that requires me to spend no money this week so that I have the money to get there and back.

We will see how it goes!

Sorry for the short post! I’m in kind of an odd mood, but here are some pictures from my week! πŸ™‚



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