My talisman


So, I have anxiety. I have anxiety and it’s gotten worse as of late. I’ve been trying to work with it by cutting out caffeine, but it’s still hard sometimes. When I have issues, the little person sitting on my head (think Lizzie McGuire. I’m not crazy I promise) tells me whatever the problem I have isn’t really that big of a deal and I’m just blowing it out of proportion.

I can even tell myself that it’s the anxiety talking and that doesn’t help a whole lot because I realize that, but it’s not the rational part of my brain that’s having the issues. Along the same lines, if a “normal” person tells me whatever I’m worrying about isn’t really that big of a deal it doesn’t help at all because once again, I realize.

The rational me that sees the whole situation gets it but the rational me doesn’t control the almost constant nausea some days. That’s the irrational one.

However, when I have someone that I know also has anxiety and THEY tell me it’s just the anxiety talking, it’s like a God-send. I can’t even explain it.

It’s like someone who gets it, who understands exactly what I’m going through is pulling me back to reality but they’re doing it in a way that neither the rational nor irrational sides of me can feel like they’re judging me.

It reminds me some of Inception and their little items that tell them if something is reality or not (can you tell it’s been a while since I’ve seen that movie). Whoever it is that’s pulling me back to the sane world, that’s letting me know everything is okay and oh by the way you’re not crazy is the item that tells me something isn’t actually as bad as I’m making it.

I’ve felt like I needed to write this post for a long time and I’m not quite sure why, so I hope it helps you either deal with your own issues or help someone else with theirs.

Do you have anxiety? How do you manage?



4 thoughts on “My talisman

  1. I have anxiety. I’m lucky (in a weird way), that my boyfriend has generalised anxiety, so he understands and we can help each other through it. He knows when it’s my anxiety talking and can, as you say, pull me back.

    Some things set me off though, like sudden loud noises, and it takes me some time to calm back down. Haven’t figured out how to get a handle on that one yet! x

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  2. Girl. This post spoke to my soul. I have anxiety and have been through the storms of therapy, medication, homeopathic remedies, etc. over the years.
    If there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s that knowing something and feeling something are totally different. Anxiety makes you feel things that aren’t rational and will never be rational; you straight up can’t make them go away with logic. Is my boss going to fire me because I bumped into her and spilled her coffee? Obviously not. Do I still feel awkward and terrible and panicked about it? Yes. And just letting that feeling be true (even when the logic isn’t) can be helpful.
    There are no answers and anxiety runs around in circles throughout life but even in just thinking about these things and writing about them, you’re getting somewhere. Best of luck (and I’m around if you need support/to talk)

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    1. You’re phenomenal and thank you for sharing part of your story! I definitely feel like connecting with others who feel similarly is SO helpful. It helps me feel like I’m not crazy 🙂 I’m around if you need anything as well and thank you for reading and commenting!

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