Jan. 21, 2017

I promised a happy post, so a happy post I will give. I promise, I really am so happy, it’s just hard for me to concentrate when I keep going back and forth from a heart that’s so full it must be overflowing to feeling like I had the wind knocked out of me.

So, today I had the great honor and privilege to join with more than one million other women marching for universal and fundamental human rights. That’s right, you heard me, universal and fundamental HUMAN rights. (That means for all people, not just women). I already included in my other post some of the reasons I marched today, so if you want to read them you can here.

In this post, I’m just going to tell you how it felt.

All day I’ve been crying on and off. I’ve been crying on and off because I got to be a part of something huge and meaningful today. Looking at Snapchat and seeing women quite literally across the world stand up with us, looking at my friend’s pictures and videos on Facebook all the way to attending my own march in Yakima, Washington (there were expecting a couple hundred people to turn out and instead got about 1,000). It’s just been a phenomenal day.

It was more than just standing up with other women, though.

Today was supposed to be a super hard day for me. I broke up with the boyfriend for good yesterday, and I was fully expecting this weekend to be me laying in bed crying on and off because it’s finally over with the man I totally thought I was going to marry.

Instead, I spent the morning with 1,000 virtual strangers and felt more loved and supported than I have in a long time (since protesting on the steps of the Supreme Court this summer).

The inclusiveness of all people, gender, race, background, sexual orientation, etc. was beautiful.

The love was beautiful.

The enthusiasm and desire for all people to be equal after the rough week that I had was beautiful.

All I can really say to sum it up is my heart is so full. Taking part in this and realizing that there are other people out there who feel beat down by some of the rhetoric that has become all too common recently was powerful and so good for my heart.

So, here are some pictures of my day (my friend Michelle took most of them because I was busy soaking it all in). I’d love to hear about yours in the comments below. 🙂



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