That time I lit my oven on fire


The oven in question…


So, that spider story I wrote had a super good response, and I’m currently tired and I can’t focus, so I’ll tell you another story. This one is the time I lit my oven on fire.

As a semi-adult, I like to try to buy the grocery store version of things I would spend money on from fast food places. One of those things are Sonic’s corndogs. I love corndogs. It makes me think of my mama because when I was little she would take me and my brother to Sonic when the maid was there and we would put all the seats down and have a picnic in the car and I would have a corndog! As a result, I bought the frozen corndogs that you can get at Walmart, Target, or whatever your favorite grocery store is.

So, one night I decided I wanted a couple corn dogs for dinner, so I just popped those puppies in the oven. At that time I only had one cookie sheet and it was crappy and huge, so I decided to just throw them in the oven long ways so they wouldn’t through.

Everything was fine and dandy through the cooking, so I went to take them out when they were ready. The first one came out just fine, but the second one is where I started having trouble. I had on oven  mits, which made it a little tough to grab things and, as a result, I accidentally twisted the corn dog so it fell through the cracks. I immediatley turned off the heat and while I was frustrated, I figured I could just pick it up after the oven wasn’t hot anymore and throw it away.

Too bad the wooden stick fell against the part that heats the stove. Soon, I had a fire.

Now, I haven’t been an adult for very long, so things like this make me freak out way more than I probably should be and wonder what I’m supposed to do. Too bad I had to make a quick decision because fire don’t play.

So, I shut the door to my oven. Fires need oxygen to survive, so if I take the oxygen away it’s got to stop right? That totally would have worked if an oven is vacuum sealed but guess what? It’s not.

I knew my apartment had a fire extinguisher but I’ve heard that if you use the fire extinguisher it basically ruins whatever you use it on. I’d rather have to call the fire department for the whole apartment in flames than ruin the stove and have to pay for it.

I know, that’s probably a terrible thought.

Oh well, so I look and there’s a water bottle on my drying rack so I filled it up with water and PUT THE FIRE OUT.

I know, I’m a boss.

I had to wait for it to be less hot to take the corn dog out, but I took it out: soggy corn dog, burnt stick and all, and moved on about my day.

Moral of the story: Always use a cookie sheet.

Have you ever lit something on fire in your kitchen?



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