I run on routines

So much of my life is made up of routines. While it’s fun to do something wild and crazy every once and a while, I definitely operate better when I have a set routine and I know what I’m supposed to be doing. Call me crazy, but it just makes sense to me.

One of my favorite routines is the “relaxation” one I do on the weekends, so I want to share it with y’all!

Untitled design (9).jpg

Step One: Light candle and put it next to the tub

Sleigh Ride is my current favorite scent from Target, but pick whichever one you want. Light that puppy and put it next to the bath tub because you’re about to run a hot bath. The flickering is super relaxing. I promise.

Step Two: Run lavender epsom salt and baking soda hot bath

Now I know everyone loves bubble baths and I love them too, but lavender epsom salt and baking soda is the way to go. I throw about a handful of both in and it is glorious and relaxing.

Step Three: Put on a face mask before you get in the tub

I LOVE the tea tree peel off masks, but you can pick whatever your fav is. I have actually seen the results on my face as this mask, though and it’s only like a dollar from Walmart. Could you ask for more?

Step Four: Soak your cares away

Step Five: Once out of the bath slather on your fav lotion to keep all that moisture in your skin

Step Six: Use e.l.f.’s lip exfoliater and follow that with your favorite chapstick! 

I have realized recently how vital this routine is for my sanity, so I encourage you to try it and let me know what you think!

Do you have any favorite daily or weekly routines?


3 thoughts on “I run on routines

    1. Yaaaas 🙌🏼 This sounds so cliche but this honestly changed SO much for me. Having a specific time set aside specifically for my mental health has honestly changed the way I think about taking care of me. I hope it’s as great for you.
      Omg! You’re so sweet! Thank you ❤

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