The birthday month challenge


A photo from my birthday last year 🙂

So, people always tell me I get too darn excited about y birthday. Like I’m about to be 22 and I still get excited about my birthday like I’m turning either.


That’s true, BUT I think it’s totally warranted. I love my birthday and I love celebrating every day of the month I was born in and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. We all need obscene amounts of joy in our life. Right?

So, I’m going to try the birthday month challenge. What is that you may ask?

Well, every day of my birthday month (come on, it’s the shortest month of the year. Are you really still judging me?) I’m going to do something deliberately that makes me happy.

It can be something small like doing a face mask, all the way up to a massage or going to a college basketball game (yes, that’s happening.) I’m going to take a photo of each one and then share them at the end of the month.

Taking a whole month to choose one small thing that brings me joy each day will (I think) help a lot with the anxiety I’ve been feeling as a result of all the crap going on in the world AND make me feel better than I already do about turning 22!

And if you want to wish me Happy Birthday on the actual day, it’s February 15. 🙂



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