Blog Swap: Shine theory

Hey y’all! I had the phenomenal opportunity to do a blog swap with Alysse from Lysse on Life. Check out what she had to see here and definitely go follow her!

Here’s to Twenty-Something readers, Hello!


I know, she’s totally gorge.
My name is Alysse and I am a fellow 20-something, finishing up my last year of undergrad. Earlier this month Kaitlin and I agreed to do a blog swap and guest post for each other’s blog. On my blog Lysse on Life, I have a section dedicated to guest posts from other women so this would create another addition to that section, while also allowing me to write my first guest post! In thinking about what I would share with you all today, I thought I would explain why I have a section specifically for women to share about who they are, their passions and their way of thinking.


I’ve been a feminist for longer than I’ve known that word existed and I wholeheartedly believe in the idea of women supporting women. I can remember being seven years old and swearing up and down that I would never play with a girl-sized basketball because I was capable of playing with a boy’s ball (I’ve now come to understand anatomy, but you get my point). Or, at 10 years old, I called out a youth pastor for specifying that he wanted a boy to help carry some tables out of the room. Like, hello, look at me, I can do that too. I have always believed that women are capable and should be treated as such. Through my journey of discovering feminism and being able to identify with what the movement stands for, I’ve come to understand how vital it is for women to support women. It is a hard world out here, more and more so each day…literally… and it is so vital that we as women stand up for each other, despite one’s race, religion, class, etc.

I learned about the idea of “Shine Theory” from one of my favorite podcasts, Call Your Girlfriend, hosted by Aminatou Sow and Ann Friedman and it has truly influenced the way I view myself and other women around me. The theory suggests that instead of seeing yourself in competition with other women, see them as a source of light for your life. If you have a rad friend who is doing crazy, amazing, impressive work, don’t be jealous of her accomplishments, praise and support her because by association she shines her light making you look good too!

“Surrounding yourself with the best people doesn’t make you look worse by comparison. It makes you better.” -Ann Friedman

In a world that encourages us to be the best, fight to the top, and keep your blinders on, I want to make sure I am attuned to those around me, especially the women. I want to mentor women younger than me, I want to listen and learn from women older than me, I want to collaborate with women, I want to be inspired by women. After learning about Shine Theory, I knew it was something I wanted to improve at in my own life, and eventually incorporate on my blog. I want to use my small platform as a blogger to shine a light on the hella cool things other women in my life are doing.

So if you are a woman, I encourage you to reflect about the most important woman in your life and ask them how you can better support them, and be intentional about following through. If you are a man, first, shout out to you for reading to this point, and two, do the same thing!

Thank you to Kaitlin for having me on the blog, and feel free to follow my blog and my Instagram at lysseonlife!





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