I have trouble making friends


Pretty sure Elise was getting gas after we went with her cause she needed a new… undergarment. #Errands


So, moving to a new place has made it VERY obvious to me that I have trouble making friends. It’s funny because I’m totally a social butterfly, but I have issues getting to know/hanging out with people I don’t trust.

I don’t have a filter, so trusting someone not to judge me and to love me no matter what it pretty darn challenging.

I have been trying to figure out why I have so many issues, though. Maybe if I could just find the solution to my issue then I could fix it and make friends with everyone, right?

Well, then I found this remark from a fellow blogger (I can’t remember who, though. If it’s you let me know and I’ll TOTALLY link to you).

-I could always meet up for coffee with people but I think it’s really beautiful and underrated to invite someone into the folds of your life and say, “participate with me.”

…And it clicked. This is totally me.

The number of times I’ve had a friend over to my apartment to just talk, or study together, or craft for our sorority, or run an errand together because I don’t want to go alone… I have seriously had to do homework a couple times and my friends came over to play my Wii just so I wouldn’t have to be alone.

THAT’S the kind of friendship I want. But who gets excited when you call them and ask if they want to just hang out while doing dishes.

There are so many people that want to do things with friends and I totally get that and there’s a time and place for that, but it means I have to comb through hundreds of people to find someone that’s okay to come over and just chill.

Does anyone else have that issue?

I’m kind of rambling and kind of talking about basically nothing, but I wanted to see if anyone else felt the same. And if you feel the same and live in Eastern Washington, hit me up. I have a super comfy chair you can chill in while I vacuum lol.


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