Is loyalty overrated?

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Post is over. You can go back about your regularly scheduled business now.


But, that is my short answer. To me, there is never a time when loyalty is overrated. Now I know in the case I have listed above people will argue it’s different. It’s different because it’s their livelihood. (Except he would make millions no matter where he was). It’s different because it’s professional sports. (Are you telling me they’re just robots that go wherever they’re told?)

You could tell me any number of reasons why this situation is different and I still wouldn’t agree with you.

One of the things I’ve been realizing lately is one of the reasons I have so many issues making friends here is because I hold people to such high standards. Respect and loyalty are two of those.

When I make a new friend, whether it’s fair or not, I automatically expect them to be loyal because I am. If someone needs a place to stay, they have one with me. If they need someone to cry to because their boyfriend broke up with them, I’m there.

Every time I leave hanging out with someone I say “call me if you need anything.” My best friend told me that I’m one of the only people she actually believes when I saw that and it’s because I truly mean it. Anything you need I’m there because I genuinely love people.

If I feel strongly enough about you to be your friend it means something to me because there are so very few people that I actually enjoy their company enough.

So, to me? Loyalty is NEVER overrated.

Because of that, I will continue to hate on Kevin Durant because he deserted his team just because he wanted a ring and more money and I can’t deal with that.

My mom thinks that hating on KD is disloyal. No. If you leave a team amicably the “right” way then it’s fine. I understand people change. But if you diss your boys or throw them under the bus or do it just because you want to win? Ha. NO.

Do you think I hold people to an unrealistic standard? Do you think loyalty is overrated?


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