Rory Gilmore is still a role model

Rory Gilmore is still a role model (but I will agree she's a terrible journalist).jpg

Oh my gosh people, just cut the crap already.

When the A Year in the Life first came out EVERYONE was on Rory’s butt about basically being a huge mess. And all of you proved her point.

I am a mess.

I am SUCH a mess.

I may have a job and an apartment and a car and a plant that hasn’t died yet but if I told you I wasn’t a mess I would 100 percent be lying.

I have dishes I haven’t done in a week. I almost never fold my clothes when they come out of the laundry. I never make my bed. I have a whole section of my entryway devoted to cardboard boxes because at this rate I’m basically never going to recycle them or even take them to the dumpster.

Need I go on?

Rory is messy in other ways than I am but she tells others her age that it’s okay to be a mess too.

And honestly? I need that. Maybe you’re awesome and you don’t but because I believe I’m a unicorn and my yard not only needs grass but flowers too (please tell me you’ve read that article) I need someone to tell me sometimes that it’s okay to be a mess.

The quote that finally made me write this post… (Read the full post hereRory Gilmore is still a role model (but I will agree she's a terrible journalist).jpgRory Gilmore is still a role model (but I will agree she's a terrible journalist).jpg)

A lot of times I think it’s what is expected, and what our peers are doing better than us. We  feel this pressure and failure upon ourselves when we do this. Like I’ve been told “like you’re only 25” but I also had the other end of “your 25 and you haven’t”…. It’s this rude thing that comes out of people, this need to tell you and be shocked by you,have an opinion on you. Top it up we also have this self pressure we put on yourself and comparing to others that we all do.

A “friend” of mine’s parting words were “good luck in Yakima” with a scoff like it was supposed to be some sort of joke. A friend of mine who graduated at the same time as me works for CNN. A friend of mine joined the Peace Corps. A friend of mine who graduated before me still doesn’t have a full time job and is spending time using her parents money and hanging out with new boys.

I am stuck in the constant spectrum of not feeling good enough and then feeling silly when I feel that way. I’m stuck wondering if what I’m doing with my life is making enough of a difference. I’m stuck basically having a quarter life crisis because all of the crazy things I wanted to do: go to grad school, spend a year taking care of orphaned rhinos in Africa, etc. may be off the table.

I am stuck in feeling too great and like not enough.

So, Rory Gilmore is still my role model because she’s a mess too. She’s a mess and she’s trying new things in an attempt to figure out where she needs to go next.

Isn’t that freeing?

Isn’t the ability to let yourself just be you, no matter where the chips may fall the very essence of what humanity is SUPPOSED to be about? Isn’t letting yourself fail and learn from those mistakes even better than forcing yourself to appear perfect doing something you may hate or be awful at?

So. Cut your crap and just be real. If you’re struggling we’ll find help. If you’re rocking it we’ll get drinks. Be real like Rory and find people to do this crazy thing called life with you because let me tell you… You only live once. 😉



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