Happy Birthday Texas!

Two posts in one day?! You may be thinking “What have I done to deserve this honor?”


It’s what troops did years and years ago at The Alamo, San Jacinto and Goliad.

You don’t know what that means? Go pick up a history book. Seriously.

Just kidding. Kind of. I take my Texas history seriously. (Wow. I’m rereading this and I come off awful. I don’t want to change it but know ALL of it was joking…I hope you all kept reading this far)

ANYWAY… 181 years ago Texas finally gained its independence from Mexico. We’re one of the only states that has an independence day and I just think that’s the bomb.com.

Living in a state that’s NOT Texas, people often wonder why Texas people love it so much. It’s hard to explain that to someone who wasn’t born and raised there, SO I’m going to tell you 181 reasons why I love Texas.

This post was totally inspired by the Austin American-Statesman’s post and you can check that out here. Some reasons will be repeats. ALSO, if you want to learn a little about Texas history you can do that here.

  1. Whataburger
  2. My family is there
  3. The outstanding cultural diversity. Our immigrants make Texas great.
  4. West Texas sunsets
  5. West Texas wind
  6. Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo (which is the largest outdoor rodeo in the world…by the way)
  7. Houston.
  8. Every other smaller rodeo. There’s a place in my heart for the one that comes to Lubbock each year
  9. Texas Tech University
  10. Lubbock
  11. Kolaches
  12. Chuy’s
  13. Kings Punch AT Chuy’s
  14. Jalapeño ranch at Chuy’s
  15. 85 mile per hour speed limits
  16. Dr Pepper. Duh.
  17. The largest medical center in the world
  18. Pat Green
  19. JAB
  20. The state fair
  21. Barbecue
  22. TexMex
  23. Bucee’s
  24. College hand signs (because apparently they’re super uncommon outside of Texas)
  25. High school football
  26. College football
  27. Any football
  28. “Remuv Hate” and “Be Someone” signs in Houston
  29. The Houston, Dallas and Fort Worth zoos
  30. Buddy Holly
  31. Beyoncé
  32. Kemah Boardwalk
  33. The Strand in Galveston
  34. Mission control …quick break. I’m getting SUPER homesick…
  35. Big trucks
  36. “Ford is the best in Texas,” “Texas tough” any of those slogans
  37. Texas pride
  38. Basically anything in the shape of Texas
  39. We have the tallest state capitol
  40. The Alamo
  41. The San Jacinto monument
  42. The giant Sam Houston outside of Huntsville
  43. Torchy’s
  44. Texas toast
  45. Cowboy boots everywhere
  46. “Bless your heart”
  47. Texas Roadhouse
  48. Texting and driving is legal (sorry y’all)
  49. The word y’all
  50. The Riverwalk
  51. Mi Tierra
  52. Cowboy hats (and little girls who call them cowgirl hats)
  53. Homecoming mums (if you don’t know what these are stop what you’re doing and google Texas homecoming mums)
  54. Those big Texas skies
  55. Bluebonnets
  56. HEB
  57. Friendly strangers
  58. Having a bond with someone immediately just because they’re a Texan too…quick break. Im crying at this point…
  59. We take our high school marching band seriously
  60. Nolan Ryan
  61. Bonnie and Clyde
  62. Tortillas and honey
  63. Armadillos are the cutest thing you ever did see
  64. Rodeo day in elementary school
  65. The smell of rain
  66. A cool summer’s night in West Texas
  67.  Crazy thunder storms
  68. Really just extreme weather in general
  69. Dressing up for football games
  70. George Strait
  71. Having a z word when making elementary school ABC books about Texas (ZZ Top)
  72. Lubbock or leave it
  74. Scott Pelley
  75. The Alamo Drafthouse
  76. Audie Murphy
  77. Big belt buckles
  78. The Astrodome
  79. Dixie Chicks
  80. Giant ranches
  81. Rice Village
  82. Indian/Arab shops near Harwin
  83. Actual Harwin
  84. Texas sports fans even though they annoy me
  85. “You can all go to hell, but I will go to Texas.”
  86. Big Texas
  87. Spanglish
  88. Outstanding freeways
  89. Gene Green, Al Green, Sheila Jackson-Lee
  90. Precision dance teams
  91. Kick lines
  92. The stars
  93. I was trying to figure out how to include them in this list…hating on the Aggies in Texas but banding together if we’re the only Texans in a strange land
  94. The Houston Livestock Shoe and Rodeo trail ride
  95. Juneteenth
  96. Road trips
  97. Texas country music
  98. Miranda Lambert…crying again lol…
  99. No state income tax
  100. Small countries could fit into Texas
  101. The ecological diversity
  102. Cotton
  103. Wind energy
  104. Everyone knows where Texas is
  105. Bat colonies
  106. Rappers from Houston
  107. Purple drank
  108. Driving down to Galveston for prom
  109. Succession
  110. Texans are fiercely independent and proud of their state
  111. “Don’t mess with Texas.”
  112. Friday Night Lights is 100 percent real life and no one is offended by it 
  114. Deep fried everything?
  115. Pickles at the movies
  116. Spicy ketchup
  117. Yes ma’am and no sir
  118. Y’all…again
  119. Schlitterbahn
  120. Ordering a coke and being asked what kind
  121. Go big or go home
  122. Guns.
  123. Tumbleweeds are totally a real thing
  124. We have the only flag that can be flown as high as the US and we do that
  125. The Texas pledge after the US in school
  126. While I’m at it, taking Texas history as many grades in school as you take US
  127. Line dancing
  128. Two stepping
  129. Driving under a Texas sky with the windows down in the summer
  130. Falling asleep to a summer thunderstorm
  131. You think Texas is conservative? Houston’s last mayor was a lesbian and this one is black. There’s LOTS of diversity
  132. All three of our NBA teams AND our hockey team has won a title
  133. We have two football teams, two baseball teams, three basketball teams, a hockey team, two soccer teams… need I continue?
  134. Air. Conditioning.
  135. Summer heat
  136. Clear eyes. Full hearts. Can’t lose.
  137. When Katrina refuges needed a place to stay, we took them in
  138. Texas hold ’em
  139. UT Austin owns all the Woodward and Bernstein files from Watergate
  140. LBJ
  141. The Bushes
  142. We have the best margs 
  143. Black gold
  144. Selena
  145. Frozen daiquiris to go
  146. Corn dogs
  147. White out was invented in Texas
  148. Texas accents
  149. Stephen F. Austin
  150. In the U.S. capitol, our statues are the only life sized ones
  151. A Texas flag is always appropriate
  152. We measure distance in minutes
  153. Selena Gomez
  154. Flying tortillas
  155. Texas is the only state to have six different flags fly over it (what did I say about diversity)
  156. And while we’re at it…Six Flags
  157. King Ranch is bigger than Rhode Island
  158. Austin is the live music capitol of the world
  159. SXSW, ACL
  160. Texas comes from tejas, which means friends or allies
  161. The Houston Comets are the only WNBA team in the country to win four back-to-back championships
  162. First words spoken from the moon were Houston
  163. Three of our cities are the top 10 largest in the nation
  164. The world’s first rodeo was held in Texas (in Pecos)
  165. The “Oscar” was named after a Texan
  166. Texas Tech is the largest contiguous campus in the US
  167. The state still owns all public land, so the US has to ask for permission for national parks
  168. We had the second woman to be elected governor out of all the states (except Wyoming
  169. Sam Houston, a governor of Texas, refused to side with the Confederacy
  170. Lubbock has the most complete record of human existence 
  171. Texas has the largest urban bar colony in North America
  172. And the most bar specieses
  173. Our state flying mammal is the same bat on the Bacardi bottle
  174. The Houston Chronicle
  175. The Dallas Morning News
  176. If “Deep in the Heart of Texas” starts playing everyone claps
  177. Texas has its own power grid separate from the other two that power the rest of the lower 47
  178. Specs
  179. There are no zoning laws in Houston (and it’s the only city like that in the nation)
  180. Rude drivers (I love them and I love being one) in Houston
  181. Because there’s no place I’d rather be.

Phew! I’m sure I’ll be thinking up more for days, but thanks for playing.

What do you love about Texas?


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