I’m not Catholic, but for Lent, I’m giving up men

I'm not Catholic, but for Lent I'm giving up men1.jpg

So, this may sound blasphemous, but I think lent is becoming trendy. The number of people that give something up for lent without being Catholic or doing it for the religious purpose, I feel like it’s accepted as like a New Year’s Resolution of a sort. Idk.

In that fashion, I am giving up men for 40 days. Someone said it jokingly (for herself) and I laughed and said whatever and moved on. Then I went home and thought about it.

I’m not a floozy by any means, but I’m low-key boy crazy after finally feeling like I have closure with that boy I was heartbroken over for years.

That’s not good for me, though. I spent last Friday night on a date with a boy that I knew wasn’t right for me because I liked the attention. In reality, it screwed up my weekend plans and I didn’t have fun. At all. And the worst part is I knew beforehand I wasn’t going to have fun!

I feel like trying to find a man takes up a lot of my life. But all of that time could be used to better me, to fall even deeper in love with me!

Growing up I saw this quote everywhere, “I want to be so in love with the Lord that a man has to follow him to find me.”

I like it, but I always felt like it was a little ridiculous. I don’t want a man to learn about God just to get with me. I think that sounds awful! Anyone else?

But, if we change that and say, “I want to be so in love with myself that a man has to get to know me to get me.”

Now that, I like. I want to be doing so well jamming on what makes me happy and marching to the beat of my drum, that a man really has to get to know who I am instead of me just falling at his feet because I think he likes me.

So, for 4o days I’m given up men. And honestly? I couldn’t be more excited.

Are you giving up anything for lent? How do you not spend so much time focusing on boys?



2 thoughts on “I’m not Catholic, but for Lent, I’m giving up men

  1. I love it! And I thought that first quote was a bit bizarre too, but now I’m so passionate about God I totally understand the meaning behind the original phrase. I want somebody as equally passionate about God as I am so that we begin & live our relationship with a solid foundation and value system. Love this blog post, and know that you are certainly worth at least allowing the guy to know you fully before knowing you long term!

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