Resolution Voxbox Reviews

I’ve finally gotten around to trying all my products in my Resolution Voxbox, so now I’m here to review them for you! Let me first say I received all of these products free to review.

If you want to try free stuff too, you can sign up for Influenster here. It’s SUPER easy and free! And while these reviews may not reflect it, I’ve gotten some stuff I fell in love with because of Influenster.

So now that we’ve gotten that out of the way. šŸ™‚ I honestly wasn’t all that impressed with the products this go around. I was glad to try them so that I don’t have to spend money on them without knowing, but all around I just felt pretty meh. Oh well.


Burt’s Bees Plant-Based Protein Shake

So, every time they send me a protein shake I say I’m willing to try it but I know that shake is going to have to be a miracle shake to get me past the fact that I feel like I’m drinking baby formula. So, take this with a grain of salt. It honestly just tasted like yet another milk-type substance that I didn’t want to be putting in my mouth. So. It also did nothing to make me feel any less hungry throughout the day like some protein shakes do. So…

Orabrush Tongue Cleaner

I think this product is dumb. I already brush my tongue with my toothbrush every time I brush and it does a great job, so I don’t know why I would spend money on another tool to do just that. I guess if you feel uncomfortable using your tooth brush then this would be a good option, but for me it’s just not something I was interested in. It did, however, do the job just like my toothbrush. So at least it did something.


Febreeze One Fabric & Air Mist

This is such a weird picture but I tried my best. I actually really liked this product, however, I don’t use something like this on a day-to-day basis, so I wouldn’t buy it again. BUT if you’re looking for a room spray that actually feels like it gets rid of odors, then this is the one for you. If we’re being honest, I used it in the bathroom after…ahem. Another reviewer commented that the smell didn’t stay around very long, which I would agree with, but it felt like the smell went away because the ninja warriors were fighting off the bad smell. Like they were taking the bad smell with them. Also, the spray trigger is really cool and will hold itself down for a certain amount of time if you push it. So that’s fun.


Popchip Ridges in Cheddar and Sour Cream

My issue with popchips is they always just taste/feel like Baked Lays or Pringles…neither of which I like. But the ridges take them a step further to feeling like a real chip and the flavor on these was good. It’s not good enough that they’re going to be my go-to snack just yet, but they worked for a free snack at work.


Crispy Fruit in banana

I don’t like dried fruit and I don’t like bananas. So I took one bite and threw them away. They were too sweet and too think and just bleck. Sorry.

Orgain Organic Protein Plant Based Protein Bar in peanut butter

So this one wasn’t my fav either, and I ended up throwing it away too. You know how Cliff bars are super dense and chewy? Well, this is even denser and even chewier. If that’s your thing then more power to you, buuuut it’s not my fav. So.

Did you get the Resolution Voxbox? What products did you like?


***I also receive a coupon for Sabra Guac On-the-Go, but couldn’t find it at any of my grocery stores, so unfortunately I couldn’t review it.




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