Why I Strike…

So, I actually can’t strike. If I did there would be no one to write about what all of you phenomenal women are doing. (Not exactly, but you get the point). But here are all the reasons I will stand in solidarity AND wear red lips in support on March 8.


I strike…

…for all the women who live in fear of reporting their assaults.

…for my ladies who don’t make as much as their male counterparts.

…for every time a man has sat me down and started his discussion with now “honey” or “sweetheart.”

…because Congress has more say over my lady parts than I do.

…because Baylor allowed their football players (some, not all) to continue raping women even after they knew.

…because other schools are actually trying to hire Art Briles.

…for all those other schools that we still don’t know that have programs almost exactly like Baylor.

…because girls are given purity rings and boys are given condoms.

…because someone, somewhere thinks saying “boys will be boys” is an excuse or an explanation.

…because instead of making an effort to look at what is said by our boys, we dismiss it as locker room talk.

…because at a young age, I was called bossy and told to be graceful and quiet, while little boys were called leaders and their talents and qualities unlocked.

…for every female actress who is again and again asked about who she’s wearing instead of what she’s doing or why.

…so that one day my niece will live in a world where she is valued.

…because I have to pay a tax on a “luxury” item that keeps blood flowing out of my body.

…because if I didn’t pay for that luxury item, men would be the ones most freaked out.

…for my black, white, Asian, Hispanic, LGBTQ, marginalized brothers and sisters who, for so long, have been left out of society.

…for clean water.

…because the United States is ranked #45 in the Global Gender Gap report even though so many women around me tell me to sit down and shut up because everything is fine.

…because I didn’t feel like I could say no and when I did it didn’t matter.

…because one in four women will be sexually assaulted at least once in their lifetime.

…because we’re told to think it’s flattering when a man catcalls or whatever.

And I’m sure I could keep going. But I will leave this here.

I can’t strike on Wednesday, but know I will be supporting all of you. 🙂



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