An e.l.f. giveaway

An e.l.f. giveaway!1.jpg

Before anything, I want to do a shameless plug for Trula Marie with Southern Bell Grace. She recently nominated me for an award that I unfortunately already filled out. BUT it absolutely means the world to me when people read my blog and think it’s great, so I wanted to take the time to do the same for her. She’s one of my most recent follows and I think she’s SO great. The other day I actually took the time to go back through a bajillion of her old posts and I honestly couldn’t get enough. In keeping with this post, check out her review of the e.l.f. cleanser here.

Back to the original programming… So, I’ve been taking some time to really look at my blog and where I want to take it. Part of that includes what types of posts I want to do. One of those types are giveaways! I love the opportunity to connect with readers and give a little thank you for reading.

So, this month my giveaway seems random, but I promise it’s not. E.l.f. was having a sale a couple weeks ago and I went a little crazy. I ended up with several of the same thing (things that I love) so I figured I would send a couple to y’all! Also, that’s my absolute favorite type of face mask, so I thought I would pass it along too.

All you have to do to be eligible for the giveaway is share this post and then comment below that you shared. Sounds simple, huh? It’s 100 percent free! I’ll draw a winner from those who participated on March 15 (so entries end then) and then send you your prize!

So get to sharing. 🙂

What kinds of giveaways do you want to see in the future?



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