Now and then survey for millennials

So, I saw Wine on the Balcony do this survey and it looked fun so I wanted to do it too! Also, shameless plug, go check out Wine on the Balcony. If you’ve been enjoying my foray into adulthood (which I mean I assume you do. You’re here.) then go check this blog out.
Okay, welcome back! On to the survey…

This now and then is supposed to be from middle school and high school to now!

Then and Now. (I’m doing mine backward)

  1. Describe your overall look

Honestly, for the longest time, I just wore t-shirts because I wasn’t the right size for other clothes so a t-shirt and jeans was easy. Then in high school, I got into dresses and leggings and cute tops, so. I’ve stuck with the leggings and dresses stuff. Just to clarify, that is not dresses with leggings. It’s dresses or leggings instead of pants.

  1. Favorite musician(s)

Ke$ha and Lady Gaga and Katy Perry. I don’t even know if I have a favorite anymore. I love T. Swift but I don’t like to admit that. I like Haley Seinfeld and Daya, but it freaks me out to love musicians that are younger than me. Oh, and I’m getting back into the whole country thing but more based on songs, not artists. But I do love Lady A…

  1. Favorite authors

Again, don’t know if I had a fav author. At the very beginning of middle school I probably still loved some Meg Cabot, but I don’t know… I loved books, not exactly authors. Today, I read almost exclusively nonfiction and biographies, so those aren’t really related to authors either. But subject matter-wise, I love reading books by journalists and about journalism.

  1. Favorite TV shows

My mom didn’t let me watch anything other than like Disney Channel and Nick for the longest time, so I kind of just watched what was on. There was a period where I really liked Victorious and I secretly watched Greek on my phone in my room. Scandal, I still really love Gossip Girl even though it isn’t on anymore, the Bachelor franchises, House of Cards, The Newsroom, etc. It’s always funny for me to say etc. about things that are barely related, but whatever…

  1. Favorite color

Purple. Pink and gray.

  1. Celebrity Crush

Zac. Efron. Russell Westbrook, Lebron, basketball and football players.

  1. Type of Phone

I don’t know, some kind of off brand phone that looked like a blackberry but totally wasn’t. An iPhone 7 plus that I purchased with my own money because I’m a real adult. Woooo

  1. Style Icon

I don’t know? I still don’t know?

  1. Dream Job

A journalist. My current job is my dream first job. I honestly don’t know what my ultimate dream job is right now since so many things are in flux, but right now I’m living my dreams.

  1. What do you think of kids?

Ever since I was like nine I wanted to adopt. There is one man whose babies I would have. Outside of that I may end up adopting or I just won’t have kids because my life is so crazy.

  1. What do you think of your parents?

I promised my mom in third grade I would never tell her I hate her. That doesn’t stop me from being frustrated. I want my mommy 😦

  1. Biggest regret

Idk. Something dumb.  Not fighting for my relationship with Arnold when I really should have. It’s made things harder now.

  1. Attitude

I’m the queen. And you are all peasants.

 I want to see your answers, too!



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