A political post


This cartoon is by Bob Englehart. I don’t know why his signature isn’t on the bottom, so I thought I’d add it here. It originally ran in The Hartford Courant. I couldn’t find a cartoon I liked that wouldn’t make people angry, so I figured this one was safe and amusing.


I figured I would label this post letting you know ahead of time it was going to be political. That way, if you don’t want to read politics, you can just continue along your merry little way.

So, let me first say I know my beliefs are SUPER liberal. And I don’t mean liberal like a democrat. I mean I am liberal in my beliefs about humanity and so my political ones fall in line with that. Basically, that means I’m able to detach emotions from certain things.

An example: the other day I was talking to my cousin about felon’s right to vote. I don’t think their right to vote should be taken away. I would choose to give my vote to a felon if I could. The reason it is taken away, is because of the certain social contract we live in. If, somehow, enough people who thought the same way wanted to get together and vote for a candidate who believed in raping and pillaging (that’s what we are scared is going to happen, right?) I think they should be allowed to do it. Now that doesn’t mean that’s what I want or I wouldn’t fight against it, I just think everyone should be able to share their opinion. From there she asked me if I condoned their behavior. If a man was convicted of a felony for raping my daughter, would I feel the same way? Would I still give him my vote? The simple answer is yes. Believing that everyone should have a right to their opinion is very different to me than agreeing with their behavior.

You get what I’m saying now about detached emotions?

Well, that is why a lot of what I believe in politically does fall to the liberal side of the spectrum. Mostly because I don’t think anyone has the right to dictate what one does one way or another.

The reason things like murder or rape or whatever awful thing you can think of are wrong is because we live in a society that conditions us to know they’re wrong. Whether you think that’s because of religion or humanity or whatever, I think we can all agree society tells us those things are wrong.

But there are so many things that don’t harm other people that the government thinks it has a place in that I really don’t.

Those things (to list a few) are abortion, gay marriage and transgender bathroom issues.

Now, I know everyone has a different idea of when a baby becomes a baby but here’s the deal… that’s not my job or Congress’s job or even your pastor’s job to tell you when that is. You have your beliefs and you live your life according to your beliefs. That should be that.

Instead, we have people trying to shame others into thinking their way and that just causes greater divisions in society.

Then the other two are even more insane to you. Does two men kissing or living together affect you? No. And if you’re getting close enough to a transgender person to know their gender may not have originally started out the same as the bathroom they’re in, then I think YOU’RE the problem.

So, I am officially over seeing articles saying things like “This is When Abortion Stopped Making Sense” or whatever it is on whatever topic. I’m great none of these make sense to you, but you are you to judge.

I will leave you all with this… If any of your problems with any of the above issues have a root in Christianity, let me ask you to throw the first stone.

Jesus loved and accepted everyone regardless of their decisions. He didn’t even judge or shame.

So tell me, who are you?

If you’re not offended by my political rant I’d love to hear your opinion! Sound off below!


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