Blog Swap: Happily ever after (after college)

Wait… this isn’t my blog! Awkward. Hi. I’m another twenty-something and recent college grad, like Kaitlin. I’m here to share how waiting until after college for love can be magical


Imagine this: you’re living in an apartment with four of your best girl friends. Your best guy friends live directly above you. Each of your roommates is practically engaged (or is engaged), mostly with said guy friends. Here you are. Single as a Pringle. And it just doesn’t seem like there’s anyone out there for you.

How tragic….

Welcome to my last semester of college.

Everything seemed to be going right in the love department for everybody – except for me. Then I graduated college.

dany-gets-surroundedI thought, “Oh no, I missed my chance! Never again will I be surrounded by tons of handsome guys my age.”

But graduating college without a significant other wasn’t the end of the world. There is an entire slew of people across the Earth still looking for their special someones.

For me, being single after college was a blessing in disguise. Post-college there are a lot of changes going on. You’re looking for a job; starting to pay college loans, car bills, rent, etc.; and discovering who you are on your own.

No partner meant no ties and no need to find a job in a specific location. There was no wedding prep to focus on. I didn’t need to worry about how I should change my last name or who to assign at which tables for my reception. I didn’t even need to save money for birthday or anniversary gifts.

Enjoy freedom and life while you can.

Instead of worrying about dating you can….

Lady Young Woman With Ice-cream Ice Girl Cream

Take yourself on a date. Buy ice cream!

Watch romantic movies featuring super attractive men. And feel free to admire. (Channing Tatum, Eddie Redmayne, and Bradley James are 10s.)

Treat yourself to a massage.

Drive through the country with the windows down, blasting music and scream-singing ’90s hits.

Don’t worry about missing your chance. There’s always time for happily ever after, after college.

IMG_9102Hi there! My name’s Rebecca, but you can call me Becca, Becs, Bexter – anything but Becky. I’m a recent writing graduate of Taylor University in Indiana. Now, I’m learning how to be an adult in the real world alongside you and the millions of other young adults. If you like my post, check out my Extraordinary Young Women blog for more on my experiences with adulting. Don’t forget to click the “Follow” button! Much love!




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