What do I want a man to love?

So, the other day I was talking to a guy, and I asked him what he was looking for in a woman.

His response?

“Someone who makes me happy.”

That’s it.

While I have a whole different issue about someone looking to someone else to provide his happiness, this post takes a different turn.

I don’t want anyone to love me simply because I make him happy. That, first, puts a whole lot of pressure on me in terms of keeping him happy. At that point it feels like if he’s not happy, what am I here for? And I never want to feel like that. Second, I want a man to love me and appreciate me for a host of attributes that I have.

IMG_0007But that got me thinking… Am I projecting those attributes into the world? What is it really that I want a man to love about me?

So, here my friends, is what I want a man to love about me…

  1. Passion for journalism
  2. Faith
  3. The days I’m silly and giggly
  4. The days I’m serious
  5. I love riding with the windows down singing along to the radio
  6. My eyes
  7. My smile
  8. Love for politics and the middle east
  9. Desire to make others happy
  10. I like to call anything – even Taco Bell at 3 a.m. – an adventure
  11. Love of trashy TV like The Bachelor and more intellectual TV like Scandal or House of Cards
  12. The fact that I don’t want kids, but if I change my mind I really want to adopt
  13. The way I wrinkle my nose when I laugh sometimes
  14. My laugh
  15. My ambition
  16. My need to feel independent but I also enjoy having someone to depend on

I know I could continue on this list, but those are just a few. I want a man to love me for the good and the bad, the intense and the silly, not simply because “I make him happy,” because if I’m only around to keep him happy I’m only human and I will eventually fail.

What do you want someone to love about you?



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