At six months

Guess what? I’ve officially been at my job for six months! Well, I’ve been at my job for over six months and almost to seven, but still. You get my drift.

So, at this momentous occasion, I’d like to drop some wisdom for you because this is something I wish someone had told me. Although, if they had told me I may not have listened to it at the time. The more I think about it I almost assuredly would not have listened to it. But maybe you will.

Moving is hard. Going to a new place is hard. Making new friends is hard.

giphy (3).gif

But give it six months.

It may take more time, it may take less time, but as of six months, I feel like I’m finally settled in.

I feel comfortable in my job (I passed by six-month review I think), I have started spending time around people that I think are going to end up being my Yakima “community” and honestly make me feel so great about myself and life and they just make me laugh and have fun.


I assumed my friends would be my coworkers. While I like my coworkers and I’m close to a couple of them, the best thing I did for myself was look for friends outside of my workplace. Now they’re still in my field so they get it, but I don’t spend every day with them.


I actually feel like it’s  not the end of the world that I’m so far from Houston and my family and friends. I mean it’s still sad, but it’s okay. It’s okay that I don’t call everyone once a week. It’s even okay that I’m having fun without them.

So, this is a rather short post, but I just want to encourage you to hang on. Hang on for at least six months. It will probably get better.

When did you start feeling comfortable in your new environment?


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