Radio silence

Hi. I know, I know, I’ve been gone. And this post isn’t to say I’m going to try to be better because I honestly don’t know what the next couple weeks hold for me right now. But I at least want to give you an update.

I have/had been working on something I call #BodyMindSoul. I was feeling better and clearer every single day. Then, I started saying I’m too tired to go to the gym. Not getting enough sleep and not going to the gym translated to picking up fast food on the way home from work and it was a spiral.

Now I’ve gone a week without going to the gym or drinking the right amount of water and I feel awful.

So who am I to write a blog? I said I wanted my next post to be explaining this body, mind, soul thing because so many people have asked about it, but why would I write this blog post about all the amazing things I’m doing for myself when in reality I’ve settled back into bad habits?

That’s what I am. I’m going to get back on track this week and I’m going to try to get back on track with blogging, but I just wanted to be honest with all of y’all and let you know.

How’s your week?



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