Work Samples

During my journalism career I have had the opportunity to cover many different beats and interview many exciting people. I have had the opportunity to share people’s stories as well as expose stories that may have made people uncomfortable or unhappy, but needed to be made public. Feel free to click through the links below to explore my coverage of different issues.

  • During Summer 2015 I had the opportunity to work as a business/general assignment intern for the Savannah Morning News. There I was able to cover more than 25 stories about a variety of different topics during my eight-week-long internship. Click here to see some of my coverage.
  • One of my favorite ways to tell a story is through long-form journalism. I think you have more of an opportunity to learn someone’s story and really convey that story to the readers in a long-form peace. See some examples here.
  • Most journalists’ goal is to inform the public and encourage the spread of information. If you get an award for that coverage, it’s just icing on the cake. I had the opportunity to participate in the planning and the writing of an award-winning package on sexual assault, and you can see a sample here.
  • One of my favorite issues to cover during my time at Texas Tech was the story of Timothy Cole. Cole was a student at Texas Tech who was wrongfully accused of sexual assault. He was sent to prison and ended up dying in prison as a result of an asthma attack that would not have been sever had he had access to proper medical care. The Innocence Project of Texas took on his case and eventually ended up having the crime exonerated. Read my coverage here.
  • Campus carry was another issue that rose to national prominence during my time at Tech. I got to not only cover the issue, but speak to campus leaders about what campus carry and open carry on campus would mean for our school specifically. Read that here.
  • While I was in school, same-sex marriage was (and still is a major issue). Texas was one of only states who still outlawed same-sex marriage before the Supreme Court handed down its ruling that same-sex marriage is unconstitutional. I had the opportunity to produce a set of of stories about this issue and you can read them here.
  • After working at The Daily Toreador for a while, I started to be offered more important assignments interviewing more high-stakes individuals. These individuals included former Texas Secretary of State Nandita Berry, Actor and Comedian Bill Cosby, former Texas Governor Rick Perry, former Representative Robert Duncan and others. Read a couple samples here.
  • Cops and courts is one of the most essential beats in a newsroom because every city has crime that needs to be found and crime that needs to be prosecuted. I have had my fair share of experience covering cops and courts, as it was the first beat I worked at The Daily Toreador. Check out my coverage here.
  • Every university experiences tragedies each year, but while I was at Tech more than 10 students died during my 2 years at the university and working campus newspaper. This included coverage of student deaths and continuing coverage of action happening against individuals and organizations that may have been involved in these deaths. Click here for samples.
  • The Texas Tech Greek community engaged in some illicit activities during my time at Tech and we had to do our best to cover them. It was challenging because many of these organizations have deep ties to the university and their national chapter, so there were not many people who wanted to discuss specific activities that did not reflect well on the organization. There were also members of the administration that were involved in attempting to sweep some concerns under the rug, so we were tasked with figuring who these members were and what exactly they were doing. Check out some samples here.