Finding ways to relax: massages and floating

I have recently been looking for ways to relax. Growing up I never really needed to set relax time aside because... well I either didn't need to relax or, in college, most of my life was relaxing. Now, however, I feel like I'm stressed and anxious quite a bit of the time so I need … Continue reading Finding ways to relax: massages and floating


Resolution Voxbox Reviews

I've finally gotten around to trying all my products in my Resolution Voxbox, so now I'm here to review them for you! Let me first say I received all of these products free to review. If you want to try free stuff too, you can sign up for Influenster here. It's SUPER easy and free! … Continue reading Resolution Voxbox Reviews

My three words

  My cousin introduced me to this thing where she thinks of three words that she wants to be and then everything she does follows those three words. So if her three words were bougie, smart and detached (which they TOTALLY aren't) everything from the way she treats people to what she wears should be … Continue reading My three words

Self love is life

You'll never guess where I'm blogging from right now... I'm in my bathtub! I wanted to share my night with you all, but didn't want to sit at my traditional blogging space so here I am. Happy Valentine's Day! As almost every blogger I follow has said before me, Valentine's Day doesn't have to be … Continue reading Self love is life