At six months

Guess what? I’ve officially been at my job for six months! Well, I’ve been at my job for over six months and almost to seven, but still. You get my drift. So, at this momentous occasion, I’d like to drop some wisdom for you because this is something I wish someone had told me. Although, if they … More At six months

Blog Swap: Happily ever after (after college)

Wait… this isn’t my blog! Awkward. Hi. I’m another twenty-something and recent college grad, like Kaitlin. I’m here to share how waiting until after college for love can be magical Imagine this: you’re living in an apartment with four of your best girl friends. Your best guy friends live directly above you. Each of your … More Blog Swap: Happily ever after (after college)

A political post

    I figured I would label this post letting you know ahead of time it was going to be political. That way, if you don’t want to read politics, you can just continue along your merry little way. So, let me first say I know my beliefs are SUPER liberal. And I don’t mean … More A political post

Why I Strike…

So, I actually can’t strike. If I did there would be no one to write about what all of you phenomenal women are doing. (Not exactly, but you get the point). But here are all the reasons I will stand in solidarity AND wear red lips in support on March 8. I strike… …for all … More Why I Strike…