Hurry up and wait

Do you ever have those moments where you set really great goals for yourself and create the whole action plan to get there and then it's frustrating that you can't just do everything right then? #Same My two main goals right now (and will be my "New Year's Resolutions" even though I don't really do … Continue reading Hurry up and wait


Why I can’t write.

I just want to come back, but I can't get it out. Millenials struggle with this all the time: inadequacy. Social media shows us the perfect parts of everyone's lives and makes us feel bad about ourselves. The thing is that's not my problem. My problem is I feel like that life is what y'all … Continue reading Why I can’t write.

Who would I pick if I was The Bachelorette

Yes, I am one of those girls. Do I care what you think about me now knowing that I watch The Bachelorette (and other parts of the franchise)? Nah. I think it's bomb af. So, while working on my redesign I'm low-key dying because y'all can't see all the cool content I'm crafting for y'all. … Continue reading Who would I pick if I was The Bachelorette

From the dating files…

While I'm sure not many of you have been sitting around wondering if I'm dating, I'm sure if you took a second to think about it, it would be rather obvious that I am. I'm 22-years-old, I have my career and such together and I genuinely want to find a man to be with. So, … Continue reading From the dating files…

At six months

Guess what? I've officially been at my job for six months! Well, I've been at my job for over six months and almost to seven, but still. You get my drift. So, at this momentous occasion, I'd like to drop some wisdom for you because this is something I wish someone had told me. Although, if they … Continue reading At six months

To the Girl Whose Friends are Still in College

This post originally appeared on Extrordinary Young Women as my blog swap post for Becca. I know I have it here, now so you can read it, but I would still totally recommend you take the time to go check her out. Her blog is fantastic and definitely inspires ME to be an extrordinary young … Continue reading To the Girl Whose Friends are Still in College

What do I want a man to love?

So, the other day I was talking to a guy, and I asked him what he was looking for in a woman. His response? "Someone who makes me happy." That's it. While I have a whole different issue about someone looking to someone else to provide his happiness, this post takes a different turn. I … Continue reading What do I want a man to love?

Blog Swap: Happily ever after (after college)

Wait… this isn’t my blog! Awkward. Hi. I’m another twenty-something and recent college grad, like Kaitlin. I’m here to share how waiting until after college for love can be magical Imagine this: you're living in an apartment with four of your best girl friends. Your best guy friends live directly above you. Each of your … Continue reading Blog Swap: Happily ever after (after college)

A political post

    I figured I would label this post letting you know ahead of time it was going to be political. That way, if you don't want to read politics, you can just continue along your merry little way. So, let me first say I know my beliefs are SUPER liberal. And I don't mean … Continue reading A political post

Now and then survey for millennials

So, I saw Wine on the Balcony do this survey and it looked fun so I wanted to do it too! Also, shameless plug, go check out Wine on the Balcony. If you've been enjoying my foray into adulthood (which I mean I assume you do. You're here.) then go check this blog out. Okay, … Continue reading Now and then survey for millennials