Happy Birthday Texas!

Two posts in one day?! You may be thinking "What have I done to deserve this honor?" Nothing. It's what troops did years and years ago at The Alamo, San Jacinto and Goliad. You don't know what that means? Go pick up a history book. Seriously. Just kidding. Kind of. I take my Texas history … Continue reading Happy Birthday Texas!


February in pictures

Happy last day of February! This is my favorite month of the year because (obviously) it's my birthday month, but I can't fight the yearning for some warm weather!  As a month recap I've decided I'm going to do my month in pictures, so here goes. Let me know if I should keep this around! … Continue reading February in pictures

I’m feeling 22!

So, this is a VERY late birthday post. I planned on writing one on the day of my birthday, but then things were crazy and have been pretty crazy ever since. So. I TURNED 22! I finally get to sing T. Swift's song on repeat and actually feel like I'm a part of that club! … Continue reading I’m feeling 22!

A coffee giveaway

Hello lovely followers! So, as many of you probably know, I recently(ish) moved to eastern Washington. That means I'm about two hours from Seattle and I go there a whole lot more often than I should. My cousins and aunt live there, so it's not like I'm going for no reason, I just should be … Continue reading A coffee giveaway

Top five places on my list to travel to

So, I LOVE to travel. However, my whole life (it's funny I say that because it's not like I've been in a place I could travel alone for much of it) I haven't really done it much. Sure I've gone to my grandma's house or a family reunion or even going back to school, but … Continue reading Top five places on my list to travel to