Bucket List

happy birthday to you

I have, all my life, wanted to keep a bucket list. I thought it was rather silly to keep an actual list of these things though. That is until I’ve started getting older and I’m rather worried I’m going to forget all the things on my bucket list. As I’m getting older, I’m also getting to a point in my life when I’m going to start being able to do these things. So, here is the beginning of my bucket list. I will add things when I see fit, and cross them off (with a post of course) as I do them.

***So I had this just as a random post a while back, but I don’t like that because a bucket list is eternally evolving, so I wanted to make this a page so that I can cross stuff off, add to it and let you see as it evolves.

  1. New Year’s Eve in Times Square
  2. Mummer’s Parade in Philly
  3. Macy’s Thanksgiving Day
  4. See the penguins in South Africa
  5. Go on an African safari
  6. Visit Thailand
  7. Visit Istanbul
  8. Visit Dubai
  9. Visit Qatar
  10. Running of the bulls
  11. Visit Stiges, Spain because of this post
  12. Be jailed for journalism for at least a small amount of time

What’s on your bucket list?


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